Tuesday, February 02, 2010

First World Crusaders

Today is Tuesday, 2 February 2010.

“I can …(a) kill anyone I wish or (b) illegally kidnap children anywhere “for their own good” … because God told me to”.

(a) is, of course, the claim of jihadists everywhere, whether they call themselves Christians, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, etc. (b) is the defense offered by 10 Idaho Southern Baptists currently under arrest in Haiti.

Probably, the IdaSoBaps had “good intentions”, whatever those exactly are, other than the paving on the road to hell. However, they acted as culturally, racistly, and politically arrogant First Worlders when they kidnapped children without even bothering to determine if they were orphans, and tried to sneak them out of the country. Significantly, none of these jerks has even bothered to claim any expertise in international rescue efforts.

Golden Rule time, bozos: what if Idaho were to suffer an immense natural disaster, and members of a fundamentalist Yemeni mosque randomly grabbed children “to give them a better life”? Shoe on other foot, etc.

If the kidnappers were planning to sell the children for adoption, they should be jailed. If, as they claim, they only intended to place them in a makeshift orphanage in the Dominican Republic, they should be sentenced to donating hefty penalties to legitimate charities working in Haiti, and to punitive amounts of strictly supervised community service.


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