Thursday, February 25, 2010

An Unlawful Concert

Today is Thursday, 25 February 2010.

Not yet down tracked the origin of this quote. “Military justice is to justice, as military music is to music”.

Right-wingers clamour to have accused “terrorists” tried by military “courts” instead of civilian courts. Why? Because the rules of evidence are a joke, compared to civilian courts. Because – the dirty little secret – the judges in military courts are serving members of the military, and, as such, are not independent actors, but dependent on the judgment of their superiors of their actions, such as verdicts, for their advancement and livelihood.

"Can you say": conflict of interest? "Can you say": structured for corrupting influences? "I knew you could".

I’m opposed to a separate military “justice” system at all. Courts-martial are a denial of the rule of law, and a reversion to the savagery of thousands of years past. All alleged offenses by members of the military should be adjudicated in civilian courts. The notion that members of the military cease to enjoy all the rights of citizens is fascist and repugnant.

Or, perhaps, to appease (O, the ghosts of Munich!), the con-servatives, our entire justice system should be replaced by courts-martial.

The ghosts of Hitler and Stalin are smiling.


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