Sunday, March 07, 2010

Happy Alamo Day!

Today is Saturday, 6 March 2010.

'Tis Alamo Day, 1836, “la dee dah”.

The day when white supremacist males, who’d deserted their loyalty of the USA/USE, land of their birth, and sworn loyalty to Mexico, then turned traitor and holed up, in the Alamo, bunker-psycho-style, since they wanted to steal the land for their own slave empire, lost.

Both sides were gangsters.

Interestingly, in today’s The New York Times, there’s an Icelandic echo of the Texanist mentality. (Yes, I know “those people” prefer “Texian”, but I like the bank shot off “Islamist”.)

By Sarah Lyall (citation below):

“The symbol of this is Bjartur, the protagonist of Iceland’s most celebrated work of fiction, “Independent People,” by Halldor Laxness (who is also the only person here to have won a Nobel Prize).

Bjartur, a sheep farmer, struggles through one disaster after another to survive in the punishing Icelandic countryside and pay off his mortgage.

“He represents the Icelandic soul,” said Ms. Omarsdottir, the political scientist. “He’d rather have his kids starve, his wife die — his two wives die — and his cow die, and lose almost all of his sheep, than be beholden to anyone.”

Sweet. “The protagonist of Iceland’s most celebrated work of fiction” is a patriarchal fascist family annihilator who manages to kill not just one, but two – count ‘em, two – wives.

Cf. the white supremacists at The Alamo, dying that their land might be free for slavery: that is, mass theft, mass rape, and mass murder.

The eyes of Texas are tearing up upon you.

BONUS ROUND: Gen. Phil Sheridan, whose Union Cavalry kicked traitorous Confederate butt, said: “If I owned Hell and Texas, I’d live in Hell, and rent out Texas.”

“Mindful of Image, Incensed Icelanders Try to Sort Out Debt”, by Sarah Lyall.

And why does TNYT persist in putting book titles in quotation marks, as if they were short stories, poems, or articles, and not in italics, as my English teacher taught me?


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