Monday, March 22, 2010

In Memory: Sharpeville

Today is Sunday, 21 March 2010.

On this date in 1950 occurred the Sharpeville Massacre. More than 69 Black South Africans, unarmed and peacefully demonstrating against apartheid, were assassinated by white supremacist police. The murders led the African National Congress and other groups to initiate an armed liberation struggle.

Some will note, in mitigation of the white supremacist crimes, the corruption and inefficiencies of the current ANC government. Would that be the case, had not the white terrorists done everything in their power to morally and intellectually distort and degrade the situation of the Black majority? I think not.

And, while I don’t beat dead horses, I’ve no compunctions about flogging dead presidents. Thus, I once again note that Ronnie Reagan, who cravenly refused military service in WW2 so he could continue his miserable little movie career, later was a great supporter of the South African white supremacists, whose apartheid was directly modeled upon the Nazi anti-Semitic laws.


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