Friday, April 23, 2010

Another poem for Lyntl

Today is Friday, 23 April 2010.

Never Google “grief”

Am first to admit,
I don’t well deal with grief.

As in
Our eldest dog died yesterday. and I haven’t been to sleep in 48 hours or whatever,
So, I’m sitting here,]
In front of the oracle,
Well, I would have gone to Delphi, but the wife doesn’t like plane travel,
So, I’m stuck with the web.

My advice to you?
Never Google “grief”.

Thought, what could I lose,
If I googled “grief”.

You’re 58 and can’t figure that out?

I do recall,
Ca. 3am today, i guess it was,
I was watching TV,
And pretending it was a Perry Mason re-run,
Which took mucho pretending,
Because it was a creepy-to-the-max white guy,
The sort of religious guy you wouldn’t want around children,
With a bouffant hairdo,
Wearing a suit that,
Were I about to abducted by a Salvadoran death squad, and to death slowly tortured, for, say a week,
Involving things that I wouldn’t wish on Nixon,
Which is saying a lot,
Well, I would NOT be caught dead, as it were, in that suit.

Do what you wish with my fingernails,
Just, don’t put me in a suit like that,
Even were I dead.

(Hint: the plaid was TOO LARGE.)
(Among other things,
and don't get me going on the tie.
you can see, i'm trying to avoid
the fact my dog is dea.
i can't even complete the world.

Oh: and he was yelling at me
To mail him a couple thousand
So he could give it to Jesus.

Good luck with that, asshat.

So, I googled “grief”
And the lord of the web said to me:
“Coach says,
Are you a pansy or what?
You could lose some weight!
Walk it off!
A mile – no two!”


Well, maybe coach was right.

I’m still full of grief,
But, I just walked two miles,
Every step,
I mourned for you.

Not that i feel any better.


Blogger Derice said...

For anyone who has ever lost a pet... very touching.

4:51 PM  

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