Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Coming Attractions

Today is Tuesday, 17 August 2010.

This is the sort of column that's very difficult to write: observations on the death on Sunday of white supremacist journalist and widely-respected "conservative", James J. Kilpatrick, 89, whose "immortal prose" includes "the Negro race, as a race, is in fact an inferior race". Written in 1963, when he was 43, and hardly a "youthful indiscretion".

To write about a Nazi-moraled hate monger isn't easy. Check back tomorrow; probably won't finish tonight.


Blogger fubarbeliever said...

Yes, sometimes hateful, oftentimes misguided and just plain wrong-headed. James J. Kilpatrick made incredibly offensive statements, and took wildly unpopular (by today's standards) stands against desegregation in the late 1950s and early 1960s. He abandoned, and renounced, those racist, segregationist beliefs later in life (quite unlike Robert Byrd who did so only for political expediency), wrote his "On Language" column for The New York Times Magazine, and founded the Beadle Bumble Fund which paid the fines of victims of legal travesties in the Richmond, Va., area.

I suspect writing about Mr. Kilpatrick might prove to be terribly difficult and time-consuming, as no one person may be summed up within a single column space - especially by those who have no personal experience with him. It's difficult to "know" someone by their public persona only, or by the (hilarious) parodies and caricatures painted of them by others.

1:06 PM  
Anonymous HH said...

I'll be posting Part One on Kilpatrick soon. Part of the difficulty is the immoral public stands of the man himself. Part is that this column is one of four major writing projects on which I'm currently working. Part is that our family includes 3 dogs and 1 cat: two of the dogs are rescues, two of them 10 years or older, and the cat is 12. I believe strongly that, if one chooses to welcome furries into one's family, they deserve the same quality of attention as human children. And then, Mrs. HH always appreciates my recollecting that I'm married!

1:16 PM  
Blogger fubarbeliever said...

Yeah... I understand. Four pups - the Irish Setter thinks I am his special play-toy/playmate. Hard to make time for other pressing duties.

2:02 PM  

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