Tuesday, August 10, 2010

In Memory: Nagasaki

Today is Monday, 9 August 2010.

Nagasaki: The Unnecessary Bomb is the self-explanatory title of a book on the second atomic bombing 65 years ago today. As I’ve been discussing, the atomic bombings were militarily unnecessary, from the standpoint of the Great Pacific War. However, they were deemed militarily and politically necessary as the kickoff, the branding, as it were, for the succeeding war, the war for global American hegemony, which came to be called The Cold War. A demonstration that, as with any great empire, the USA/USE was ready, willing, and able to kill needlessly, on a large scale, to send a message: We’re Number One.

At the mere cost of more than 40,000 souls exterminated instantly, another 40,000+ shortly, and who knows how many in the long run.

Homophobic bigots are spewing the notion that the Federal judge in the Prop. 8 case should have recused himself because he is allegedly homosexual, and therefore assumed to be biased in favour of same-sex marriage. By the same token, a heterosexual judge would also be automatically disqualified, as being assumed to being biased in favour of mixed-sex marriages. Should eunuchs judge this case?

By the same token, any judge who ever had a mother should be automatically disqualified from hearing any case in which anyone involved had been, or had had, a mother. Emergency Congressional hearings are mandated! “Are you now, or have you ever had, a mother?” And what of the threat to the Republic, of parents who poison children’s minds, through encouraging use of bi-cycles? America wants to know!

WTF were the Obamas not thinking? A vacation in Spain, partially and exorbitantly funded by taxpayers, comporting like a Bush or Cheney? In the midst of the Republican Great Recession, the Obamas choose to hand the Republicans a campaign issue, just so Michelle can hobnob with the King of Spain? Gag me with a spoon.

On this date in 1854, Walden is published by Henry David Thoreau.

On this date in 1974, Richard Nixon ceases to be president of the Empire.


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