Wednesday, November 10, 2010

"Where you from, boy?"

Today is Wednesday, 10 November 2010.

My apologies for tardiness in reply. The region in which I live (denoted “Green Country” by marketers of tourism) is unexpectedly enjoying a most beautimous Autumn, with the attendant explosion of allergy irritants that implies.

Many residents of the Old Con-federacy, and I should say many white residents, have traditionally embraced a "peculiar institution" beyond the one for which they’re best known: a truly pathological obsession with birthplace.

For example: moi. Although I only lived in Mississippi the six months immediately succeeding my birth, although I’ve only visited twice since, although I grew up to be a socialist endorser of civil rights for You Know Who, although I not only have Jewish friends, but have dated Jewish women, etc., nevertheless: because my mother’s body was located physically over the Sacred Soil of the Gret Stet of Mississippi at the moment I was born, I’m considered by them to be forever a member of the pack (“herd” would be more accurate), a true Son of the South, a White Male Southerner (WMS).

Every bit as much as the traitor Robert E. Lee.

As for myself, as a rule, I self-identify as a Mississippi native or WMS only when it causes dismay to bigots.

As to the question, “Where you from, boy?”

Born in Mississippi, I then lived in Kansas, Oklahoma, New York, Oklahoma, New York, Oklahoma, New York City, Oklahoma.

When my family moved to NY the second time, in 1959, I was 7, not really old enough to comprehend the racist framework in which I’d been living. When we returned to OK in 1961, I realized that the nazi-style segregation and racist supremacy which obtained in the Old South also ruled in OK, and I determined to have nothing to do with it. I rejected most of the socialization with which I was inundated, and began to comprehend the world for myself, through reading, study, and analysis. That is, I determined to socialize myself, with the assistance of the better minds and hearts of human history.

Thus, while I may have lived in the arbitrary geographico-politico formation known as “Oklahoma”, I’m not “from” that formation. I’m “from” my own choices, informed and guided by the best humanity has achieved.

“Well. Oh well. La-dee-dah.”

Is this a "Birther" thang?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Must be hard for you to get a driver's license or passport - being from no specific "arbitrary geopraphico-politico formation".

11:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wait, wait, you're kiddin' me... This entire post is in response to the comments made by "bull shit" and "Anonymous" a week ago?

And HH self-identifies as a "Mississippi native ... only when it causes dismay to bigots." Appears to me as though HH boldly stated that he is a native of Mississippi in his comments of 4 November. HH explained that his fawning flock (sheep or goats??) constantly "bleat" their pleas for him to "speak English" (he not speaking the base sub-dialect prominent in Oklahoma). HH further explained that he responded to the "bleats" with a genuine attempt to "blend in" and, thus, adopted the Olde English SPELLING of certain words.

In his observation respecting HH's post, Anonymous commented concerning HH's "native Oklahoma". So that's what this entire blog is about today??? Hilarious.

Wow. That must really have hit a sore spot - rattled his cage, so to speak. HH had to blast off and recount the story of his pseudo-intellectualism, the puffery regarding his journey through superior study and analysis of the world, and his arrival at the obviously magnificent mastermind, sophist and philosopher we behold today.

All because of Anonymous' off-hand remark about HH's "native Oklahoma." Priceless.

And his reasoning is so incredibly tortured that he arrives at the inexorable conclusion that he is not "from" the "arbitrary geographic-politico formation known as 'Oklahoma'". (Of course, neither is he "from" Mississippi nor, presumably, another other state in the "USA/USE.") He is "from" his own choices. La-dee-dah, indeed.

Who isn't "from" their own choices?

...a poor player
That struts and frets his hour upon the stage
And then is heard no more: it is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing.

1:01 PM  
Anonymous HH said...

Alas: history proves that many, and perhaps most, people aren't "from" their own choices, but from the choices into which they are manipulated.

1:11 PM  
Anonymous rolling eye balls said...

OK, HH. So you are one of the minority that is "from" his own choices and not from anywhere else. How nice for you. Such fortitude and self-guidance you put forth as a young child. (gag) Why don't you write an autobiography and share it with the world? Another Abe Lincoln-esque tale for the world.

In the comments section of your November 7th post, you arrogantly stated “… Like the Lone Ranger, I go where I’m needed most.” Ah, an ersatz-super hero, huh? When are you going to run for political office? Oh, that's right - you don't have a snow ball's chance at getting elected in Oklahoma since its political redness would wipe you away. I suggest you move on (again) since you are swimming up-stream living in Oklahoma. Please don't continue to infer that Oklahoma is a wasteland. Free choice is a value you obviously advance. Allow others their choice.

When I read others' comments on previous dates, I KNEW HH would step up and philosophize on where he was "from." (Winner, winner, chicken dinner.) Yes, a nerve was definitely struck on that subject.

9:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To Anonymous I, Anonymous II and "rolling eye balls":

Bravo! The funniest material I've read in some time. You guys are better than the funny papers. HH apparently can't comprehend that people are poking fun, and laughing at his delicious pomposity. Absolutely more fun than watching the advertisements for "Real Housewives of Atlanta"!

To HH:

So... you ACTUALLY have Jewish friends, and have ACTUALLY dated Jewish women?!?! Zowwee!! Holy Chanukah, Batman!! How unbelievably brave and liberal of you! Were you out front with that, or were those relationships on the QT? Did they look Jewish, or could they pass? How incredibly evolved you must be.

Frankly, your need even to mention such relationships evidences extraordinary colloquialism, and a pedestrian attitude that would have been out of place in the '60s (even in Oklahoma).

Do you have a black friend, too?

11:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shocking, I say, simply shocking! You had Jewish friends AND, AND, dated Jewish women?!?! Oh. My!! Oh, my, oh my, oh my. Alert the inter-faith dating police!! Way to be ahead of that bigotry curve, HH.

Thanks for sharing.

As everyone can see, you are an arrogant, bloviating, blow-hard. But these statements and remarks are WAY below you - incredibly provincial and ignorant. The level of discourse from you is usually merely self-important and annoying. Stop with the racist remarks. Stop now.

12:20 PM  
Anonymous disgusted said...

To all you who are too lazy to even choose a fictitious name, and to rolling eyeballs too: Make you feel good, maybe superior, to personally attack this blog writer? Your viciousness and pettiness are astonishing.

Can't imagine why you regularly read this blog unless it is for a venue to vent your nastiness.

HH is often extreme, but he is also humorous. It is obvious most of you are incapable of recognizing that. Yeah, HH thinks he's the Lone Ranger. I'm certain he was being literal.

In case you didn't get that, I was being sarcastic. Now go to it, attack me too.

12:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey "disgusted" --

There's probably something to what you say. But, hey, HH is just too much. When you write this kind of overblown silliness, you're gonna get some blow-back. I simply can't resist!

And, I read this blog for fun. You're right - HH is, indeed, humorous.

12:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought the "Lone Ranger" comment was funny - for the reason HH thought it was funny, too.

2:14 PM  
Anonymous rolling eye balls said...

Hey, "disgusted" -

Believe it or not, one or more of us commenting are friends of HH. I am. I just happen to not agree with much of what he says. And his affectations are annoying. None the less, I like him anyway.

2:43 PM  
Anonymous disbelieving (f/k/a disgusted) said...

Hey, "rolling eyeballs," are you kidding me? I re-read your earlier comment, and I am dumbfounded.

I just gotta repeat that old saw, with friends like you, who needs enemies?

4:43 PM  
Anonymous just passin' by said...

Hey "disgusted" -

Believe it or not, I happen to AGREE with most of HH's political argument and positions. It's only when he claims to be so far superior - morally, intellectually, educationally, etc. - to the "bleating" masses that people feel led to comment as above. He paints the entire South, and Oklahoma in particular, as nazis, racists and segregationist bigots whose influence he rejected. I mean, come on.

There's lots of people in the South, and dare I say in Oklahoma as well, who are every bit as smart, educated, moral, sophisticated, thinking, unbigoted and progressive as HH likes to think himself. HH's characterization of the entire region as bigoted, racist nazis (now or then) is itself a bigoted statement.

And the comments made here by "rolling eye balls" and the Anonymooses are actually pretty funny. I'm certain that HH is a nice, decent fellow who is willing to put his ideas and thoughts out there for comment. However, when he is this disdainful and dismissive of the people in an entire state, an entire region, he's bound to receive some "blowback".

4:45 PM  
Anonymous rolling eye balls said...

I know, for a fact, HH loves people to disagree with him and give him shit. He loves to push back. And he knows people are paying attention to him. Don't we all want that?

8:17 AM  

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