Friday, July 08, 2011

National Debts

Today is Thursday, 7 July 2011.

The sad and tragic truth is that average Americans today are as misinformed about most of the great issues of the day as they were in 1964 or 1972, or as were average Moscow citizens in 1934.

One crucial example is the national debt.

Republicans prattle (and many suckers believe) that Democrats are the Big Spenders, when in fact 2/3 of the national debt was incurred under Reagan and the Two Bushes. This is because of the combination of tax giveaways to the freeloading rich crammed down the public throat under Reagan, plus the increasingly bloated military spending which began under Reagan. (Military spending accounted for at least 26% of the federal budget in FY 2010.)

Until each of these situations is drastically reversed, the only way to cut federal spending and reduce accumulating debt will be to cut vital services to average Americans, which is precisely what the Grand Old Party For The White and Wealthy intends.

At day’s end, con-servatives are nihilists.


Anonymous rtr said...

Gee HH...
Wh can't you just get with the program here. Guns, violence, death -- These things are what the U.S. Constitution is all about. You know, provide for the national defense (stop right there, the rest of the stuff about promoting the general welfare is just dicta. Ensuring the blessings of liberty to all. Yep, all y'all enjoy my taking liberties and don't look behind the curtain at our percentage of citizenry locked behind bars compared to the rest of the democratic world. Hey, remember that second and only relevant amendment thing, except for maybe the 10th amendment. That gives the right to the average citizen to engage in socially acceptable common defense violence as well. Yee Haw.)

This is a country now where vicarious mayhem, murder, mutilation is perfectly acceptable and constitutionally protected for citizens from birth to death(see Scalia majority opinion recent 1st amendment decision) but the physical acts of love and humans giving each other pleasure rather than pain or death is shameful and should be conducted secretly by only a regulated segment of the population in secret. (ibid)

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