Thursday, October 25, 2012

Mitt Klux Klan

Today is Thursday, 25 October 2012.
Pablo Ruiz y Picasso was born on this date in 1881.

On this date in 1983, the Reagan regime invaded and conquered Grenada, for reasons still not fully revealed.  The public face put on the war was that “order” was being restored and American medical students protected after the democratically-elected leftist government of Maurice Bishop was overthrown (and Bishop assassinated) in a right-wing military coup.  This is puzzling, since the Reagan regime in particular (and con-servatives in general) have time and again joyfully embraced right-wing military dictatorships.
Vincent Price died on this date in 1993.
Until 1978, Mormonism held that Blacks were an inferior species, and denied the lay priesthood held by nearly all “white” Mormon males aged twelve years and up.
This doctrinal tenet was introduced by Joseph Smith, the inventor of Mormonism, based on his translation and interpretation of an ancient Egyptian papyrus.  The doctrine revolved around an image of an allegedly “Black” figure standing over a “white” figure laying on a table, with the former about to plunge a knife into the latter.  Smith translated the text, which he said was in the “Reformed Hieroglyphic” language, as part of his Book of Abraham.
Smith identified the “Black” figure as Ham, cursed of God, and the”white” figure as Abraham.  Because of this supposed attempted murder, Backs were to be denied the lay priesthood.

Actual scholars later determined that the papyrus was part of a funerary text concerning embalming.  The “Black” figure was an embalmer, and the”white” figure a corpse.  No trace of the alleged “Reformed Hieroglyphic” language has ever been found.
Not until 1978 was did the top Mormon leadership reverse the policy of discrimination.  Some attribute the decision to a positive response to the Civil Rights Movement, and a (tacit) recognition of error.  Others attribute the decision to a marketing consideration,  it being difficult to recruit members who are told:  You’re racially sub-human, but we want you to join and surrender to us cash in the amount of 10% of your annual income anyway.
Mitt claims to be a true, faith-filled, and obedient Mormon.  If so, then until 1978, when he was 31, he blindly believed in a doctrine which taught the racial inferiority of Blacks.  At 31, Mitt had long since passed the age when he should have known that the doctrine of his “Church” was false and evil on its face.  Instead, by his own words, we must believe that he was a “white” supremacist racist, holding values indistinguishable from those of the Ku Klux Klan.
What other moral filth would Mitt accept, believe in, and act upon, were he ordered to do so by the hierarchy of his “Church”?


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