Sunday, October 21, 2012

President George McGovern

Today is Sunday, 21 October 2012.

It is with the greatest regret and sorrow that the Museum of the Bourgeois marks the early-morning passing of George McGovern, and extends condolences to his family, friends, supporters, and admirers.

McGovern was the legitimate 38th President, the 1972 election having been stolen through multiple felonies and treasons orchestrated by Richard Nixon and the Grand Old Partei.

1972 was an iteration of a Repub tradition dating to the theft of the 1876 ("Centennial") election by Rutherford B. Hayes (thereafter known as "Rutherfraud") from Democratic candidate Samuel J. Tilden.  The custom continues in our time, the 2000 election having been hijacked by W. Bush and his criminal cronies.

In return for crucial assistance, Hayes ended Reconstruction, returning dominance of the former "Confederate" states to "white" rapist and pedophile slavers.  This inaugurated the historical epoch your author has christened the "Second Slavery", or segregation.  It lasted until the civil rights acts of 1964-5, which ushered in the "Third Slavery", or discrimination, which continues to this day.

While now best known for his attempts to end the genocidal United States Empire war against the peoples of Indochina, President McGovern was also active in the causes of civil rights, anti-poverty, and the eradication of global malnutrition and hunger.

The Museum of the Bourgeois recommends the re-election of President Barack Obama as a fitting memorial.


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