Thursday, November 01, 2012

White Trash Talk
Today is Thursday, 1 November 2012.

I’m beyond disgusted by white-wingers … err, white right-wingers, who accuse President Obama of “pandering” when he addresses predominately Black audiences, by ”talking Black”.
This means you, Smugger … err, Tucker Carlson, Matt Sludge, most everyone at Fox “News”, etc.
(I deeply object to the slandering of a noble animal, the fox, by stealing its name to promote neo-fascism.  Call it “Sewer News”, with the catchphrase, “We never flush!  You wallow in shit!”)

What they mean is:  Obama isn’t talking “white”.  (Pink, if one wishes to be accurate, unless one is hallucinating a race of albinos.)

Pray tell, what would “talking white” be?  Orson Welles?  Ann Romney?  A semi-literate Kluxer from a segregated village in Mississippi?  The delightfully-late William Fraud Buckley,  Jr., with his surgically  turned-up snout?    The ignorant-but-arrogant dog-abusing and misogynistic homophobe, Richie Mitt?

What they mean is, that “talking white” is the natural talk, Massa-talk, and that all other “talks” are the products of sub-humans.

What “these people” really want are slaves to work to death and rape.


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