Tuesday, April 18, 2006

No Crusader Zone

Seems like yesterday.

In the 60s, when Americo-conservatives damned those on the Left who called Nixon a fascist. "Fascism was a strictly German and Italian phenomenon," they lectured.

Now "Islamo-fascism" is all the rage on the Right.

Anyone for "Christo-fascism"?

Isn't this an appropriate term for the Crusader mentality of the Bush Junta?

[In the 70s and 80s, certain prominent Christo-fascist leaders claimed that the Bible promised that, if USE launched a nuclear genocide strike on the Soviet Union, the latter would be destroyed, and G-D would protect the USE from any harm. Aren't we glad that concept wasn't explored?!]

It's the latest permutation of US against THEM.

Pardon me [sic]: the paranoid style in American politics dictates it must be: US against THEM.

And which Islam, and which Christianity? These aren't monolithic entities. There are as many Islams, and Christianities, and Judaisms, and Buddhisms, and Jainisms, and Rastafarianisms, and every other faith, as there are the people who profess belief in same.

"Islamo-fascism" is just another White Right smear.

Christo-fascism is, however, the place where we live.


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