Wednesday, August 23, 2006

In Solidarity With the Transport and General Workers' Union (UK), the Museum of the Bourgeois Demands: "Save Our Sauce"!

Today remains Wednesday, 23 August 2006.

The MoB thanks “Wondering”, who commented:

“Why does it challenge the mind that the author of the The Martian Chronicles was a Reaganite? Educate me here, because I have not read The Martian Chronicles. Is it a vehicle for political commentary? And, educate me here, too, on indications that Mr. Bradbury "became" a Reaganite or what difference his political bent had on anything or anyone.”

Well, friend “Wondering”, thank you for educating me (I.e. making me think more deeply about my statements.) I’ve not read The Martian Chronicles for … well, as Carl Sagan would say, “Billyuns and Billyuns of years”. I’d take it down from the shelf right now and re-read it, so I can make an answer worth your inquiry, but … alas, your author once had a fine sci fi paperback collection, but, back in the G. Ford Era, he loaned it to a friend, who your author didn’t realize was slipping into paranoid schizophrenia, and, after the friend got on meds and became sorta OK, he couldn’t remember what happened to the books. And TMC is one of the volumes your author hasn’t got around to replacing.

But, tonight I’ll go to the bookstore and get a copy, re-read it, and return your comment.

Short comment off the top of my pointy head: my recollection of TMC is of deep humaneness, which I don’t associate with Reagan.

And the chapter where the folks on Mars, looking back at Earth, see the bright flashes of a nuclear war. (I’m 54 now, was 10 during the “Cuban Missile Crisis”, so apprehension of nuclear war is something always floating around in my brain.)

And my source for RB becoming a Reaganite is a review of a recent biog of him.



Those corporate fascists at Heinz are closing the HP Sauce factory at Birmingham, UK, and moving production abroad.

In this world of pain, it’s of no big moment, by comparison, that HP, the Sauce of Choice for Anglophiles, will now be made “abroad”, but for the 120 employees now canned … well, damn straight we’ll be serving another catsup than the 57 in the MoB Staff Cafeteria.

And, by the way, “Damn British Imperio-Fascism”, but, for those of us who adore anchovy-tinged products, made by unionized workers: HP RULES!

Or, as the John Cusack character says in Grosse Pointe Blank (a MoB Top Ten Movie): “You can’t go home again, but at least you can shop there”.


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