Thursday, September 07, 2006 = hatecriminals

Today is Thursday, 7 September 2006.

There’s a pretentious very minor blot, er . . . blog, “”, which purports to purvey “daily Manhattan media news and gossip, Reporting live from the center of the universe”. Mainly gossip and fluff, mainly sophomoric sub-frat boy. Definitely homophobic.

I often browse gawker.merde, because there is an occasional nugget of news. So I couldn’t help but notice repeated homophobic mocking of Anderson Cooper of CNN. I’ve been tempted to write a column on this, but I hate to give publicity to KKKluxers like Coulter and gawker.bigots. But, as with Coulter, there are lines which can be crossed.

In a post yesterday, gawker.himmler wrote about Mr. Cooper’s “… post-Yale stint "studying Vietnamese" at the University of Hanoi. Nothing wrong with disclosing your closeted anchor's proximity to a hotbed of child sex slaves.”

Don’t ya just love that sophisticated, I-just-moved-to-NYC-from-a-“Christian”-white-Right-death-squad-training-camp-in-Mississippi-where-we-castrated-ten-of-‘em-before-breakfast-every-mornin' logic: gay = pedophile.

This sort of casual, causal homophobia furnishes the patina of respectability for the thugs who take the cue, and take this attitude to the next “logical” step: physical assaults against lesbians and gays, and then all the way to murder.

Would that “” had the common decency to come clean, as it were, and re-name itself “gawker.hatecriminals”.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would suggest that you submit the content of today's MoB post to It might not have any impact on's author(s) but at least the readers would see it and perhaps read gawker's future content with a more discerning eye and mind.

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