Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Mellow Fellow

Today remains Wednesday, 6 September 2006.

Responding to comment by “anonymous” to “Orion, etc.”

Gosh, never occurred to me anyone liked my mellow stuff; thought I was just being self-indulgent.

My senior year in high school, I was chatting with Paula, a dear friend of long standing, and Doris, the German exchange student. Paula said, “HH, you seem so much more mellow than in junior high.” Doris looked puzzled (it was near the beginning of the year, and her English wasn’t as tuned as it became), consulted her pocket dictionary, and said to me, “You’re rotting?”

Sorry for the bring-down. I’m not entirely dependent on Google, etc. I have my own private stash of 3 by 5 cards of Today in History, laboriously compiled over the centuries.

Not trying to make folks feel “guilty” in the trivial sense; more like the sense of historical/social responsibility which leads to different, better actions in the future. The whole “past is prologue” gig.

By way of amends for transgressing the mellow: three scenes from the Staten Island Ferry.

Late one evening, as HH and Mrs. HH returned to the MoBcave on Staten Island from a day in Manhattan, fog filled New York harbour. As we passed the Statue of Liberty, the fog was lapping about her feet, so it seemed as if she were standing on clouds.

Late one evening, as HH and Mrs. HH etc., a lightening bolt struck the TV mast on one of the Twin Towers. A decade later, I saw a photo of that event in The New York Times, as recorded by a photographer looking south from Greenwich Village.

A few years before the end of the Cold War, HH was taking the ferry from Staten Island to Manhattan, sitting on the stern and reading his newspaper, when something caught his eye. Dead astern, a hundred yards or so behind us, was a submarine! Panic! Then HH thought, If it’s World War III, the Soviets probably wouldn’t start it by sinking the Staten Island Ferry.

Then HH noticed a tug on either side of the sub, and recalled a World War II sub was being moved to the Floating Museum up the Hudson. Whew!

Next week: HH talks puppies. Don’t touch that dial!


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Good stuff there, HH. :)

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