Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Sound of Thunder

Today is still Tuesday, 29 August 2006.

On this date in 2005, Hurricane Katrina whacked the Gulf Coast.

A few days later, Duh Bush flew over, in Air Force One, one sweet pimped ride, on his way home from vacation, looked out the window: “Bushie, you’re doing a hellavuh job”.

Free form from The Third Man:


George Bush (as “Himself”), HH (As “Anguished Helpless Observer”), Orson Welles (as “Harry Lime”), and Joseph Cotton (as “Holly”) are in the cab of a Ferris Wheel in Vienna, ca. 1946, temporarily stopped at the apex. The camera looks down at the ground.


Harry Lime: Look down there. Those little specks on the ground are people. What would it really matter, if one of those specks stopped moving.

George Bush: Heh heh.

Harry Lime: The Swiss had 300 years of peace, and what did they produce? The coocoo clock. Goodbye Holly.

George Bush: Heh heh.


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