Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Baghdad Diary 1

Today is Tuesday, 24 October 2006.

"humans seem infinitely adaptable.


when i lived along the river in tulsa, oklahoma, it was the stench of the refineries on the opposite side of the river ... that ... gasoline smell.

now, in Baghdad, it's the stench of the decaying bodies, beheaded or shot in the head.

when we go out in the street, when we dare to go out in the street, to try to buy groceries, we hold rags soaked in gasoline to our noses, in an attempt to blot out the smell of the dead.


1648 - Treaty of Westphalia is signed, ending [sic] the Thirty Years War


Anonymous Addams said...

Sounds like oil production is coming back online.

11:04 PM  
Anonymous La_Libertine said...

But according to the Chimperor's presser this morning, in Iraq "Farmers are farming.
people are living relatively normal lives..."
Right - relatively normal. Relative to, say, seeing your brother (or sister) blown up or shot in the head as you're walking down the street?
Freedom's on the march...

10:55 AM  

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