Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Stay the Curse!

Today is Wednesday, 25 October 2006.

Before the conquest of Iraq, residents of Baghdad received 16-24 hours of electricity each day.

This month, thanks to the efforts of the Bush Junta of National Security, they’re enjoying a whopping 2.4 hours per day.

Progress as promised!

And all it to took to achieve this ground-breaking accomplishment was the death of at least 500,000 Iraqi civilians, a few thousand Americans dead and a few tens of thousands permanently wounded, and what will eventually be the expenditure of at least $1 trillion in taxpayer incomes.

Mission accomplished!!

The Bush Junta assures us they are on track to achieve their goal of Zero Tolerance for electricity in Baghdad by the 4th of July. After all, the Founding Fathers built democracy without electricity.

Stay the course!!!

On this date in History:

1983 - Reagan Junta begins conquest of Granada


Anonymous P of the Farm Realms said...

I think I heard this week that the Bush Administration is no longer using the phrase "Stay the Course." I believe they have decided to discontinue this montra due to the very statistics you cite in today's blog post.

11:37 AM  
Anonymous earthboundmisfit said...

Here's another gem from this morning's episode of Chimpy 'splainin' how things are in Iraq to all of us:
"Reconciliation is difficult in a society that had been divided and tortured by a tyrant...."

Thus, the idjit-in-chief inadvertently speaks the truth!!!
Damn betcha!!!

12:43 PM  

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