Tuesday, November 21, 2006

In Memory of Robert Altman

Today is Tuesday, 21 November 2006.

It is with great sorrow The Museum of the Bourgeois memorializes the death of a cinema director of the first water, Robert Altman.

Any further words of mine would be superfluous.

He has become his films; let their names speak for him: Nashville, The Player, Secret Honor, A Wedding, 3 Women, Quintet, Tanner ’88, Gosford Park, The Gingerbread Man, A Prairie Home Companion, and, of course, M*A*S*H.


Anonymous Hari said...

I loved a scene in "3 Women" with Cissy Spacek.

There is a "Laffun Head" mounted on the wall of a restaurant. A "Laffun Head" is a ugly plastic toy head with a bowtie.

Cissy is encouraged to pull his tie. When she does, the head squirts water and laughs. She complains, "That thing spit on me!"

11:37 AM  

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