Thursday, November 16, 2006

MoB Welcomes Al Jazeera English!

Today is Thursday, 16 November 2006.

The Museum of the Bourgeois is delighted to welcome Al Jazeera English Language Television to the journalistic community.

Not that any cable or satellite network in the USA/USE carries it, but you can find it at

(Sorry this isn’t set up as a direct link; I’ve temporarily misplaced the code to insert that, and I’m not a NetWizard.).

Yes, the same Al Jazeera that War George and Disgraced Rummy damn as a tool of Satan.

And yes, it’s funded by an A-rab potentate, but then Fox is funded by an Australian-American potentate, etc.

People rightly question the objectivity of “state-run” television networks. But, they should demand the same standards of state-regulated and –ruled television networks, such as we have in the good ol’ USA/USE. Recall, the F.C.C. can put CBS, etc. out of business with a simple regulatory vote.

The MoB recommends absorbing the perspectives of a large number of new outlets, then applying reason and history to try to distill the truth. Harder than simply swallowing the pre-digested and distorted crap of Fox, but far more rewarding and enlightening.

Oh, I almost forgot: Fry in hell, Rupert Murdoch.


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