Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Rise Up!

Today is Tuesday, 14 November 2006.

I awoke to this:

Up to 150 people kidnapped in Baghdad By CHRISTOPHER BODEEN, Associated Press Writer
46 minutes ago

BAGHDAD, Iraq - Gunmen wearing Iraqi police commando uniforms kidnapped up to 150 staff and visitors in a lightning raid on a government research institute in downtown Baghdad on Tuesday, the largest mass abduction since the start of the U.S. occupation.

Iraq's higher education minister instantly ordered all universities closed until security improvements are made, saying he was "not ready to see more professors get killed."

The Warlord George Regime created the setting for such tragedies. These people will most likely be found on a rubbish heap, holes drilled in their bodies, bullets in their brains.

There's a part of me that hopes Donald Rumsfeld is kidnapped, stripped naked, and dumped on a street in Sadr City at high noon.

Wouldn't help anything or anyone, of course.

I saw a photo in The New York Times, on the first anniversary of the massacre at Tianamen Square in Beijing.

An elderly man was arrested, he was the only protestor, he was shouting, "Rise up! Rise up!" Had his child been murdered there?

I've always wondered what happened to him, in the conclusion, other than the obvious.

When will we rise up?

As always, have a nice day. :) LOL


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