Thursday, February 08, 2007

Mitt Romney's Demon Problem?

Today is Thursday, 8 February 2007.

Politics and strange bedfellows, indeed.

Submitted for your consideration: Mitt Romney and the “Religious Right”.

Mitt Romney: currently re-branding himself as a staunch social conservative, after having previously been a flip-flopping waffler on abortion and gay rights.

The Religious Right: comprised primarily of evangelical and Pentecostal Christians, who, by theological definition and practice, judge Mormonism to be a false, demon-inspired and –infested false religion, on a par with paganism, Satanism, and Islam.

Consider this from today’s The New York Times: “Mark DeMoss, an evangelical public relations consultant who represents many conservative Christian groups, said it was “more important that a candidate shares my values than my faith,” adding, “And if I look at it this way, Mr. Romney would be my top choice.”

But the theology of the Religious Right holds that correct values issue only from the One True Faith. Those who refuse the One True Faith and claim to have correct values are at best self-deluded, at worst lying and scheming to deceive The Elect.

How can the Religious Right justify making common cause with a politician whom they judge worships a false god, and tries to convert people to that false god, thus condemning them to certain eternal damnation?

Pragmatism? The greater good of the greater number? Supping with the Devil but using a long-handled spoon?

Or is it simple amoral opportunism and a lust for power at any cost?


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