Thursday, June 14, 2007

Today is Thursday, 14 June 2007.

Does my brain just “Get ahead of itself”, or is it a sign of old age?

I started to begin this column with “Happy Bastille Day!!!”, until I recalled, HH, dummy, that’s 14 July. But an excellent day all the same.

On this day in 1928, Ernesto “Che” Guevara, “The Great Rebel”, was born. With greatest sorrow, The Museum of the Bourgeois memorializes his death. "The Struggle Continues."

In 1940, Auschwitz opens.

In 1964, Nelson Mandela is sentenced to life imprisonment.

In 1989, Ronald Reagan, (Captain, US Army [i.e. he hid out in Hollywood making war flicks while parading about in uniform, while many were dying in that uniform], Ret.) is made “Sir” Ronnie by Elizabeth Windsor, the so-called Queen of England.

[Girlfriend, I’ve known my share of English Queens, and she ain’t one of ‘em.]

And, in the spirit of Che, I note [comment just coming in over the AP Wire, attributed to G.W. Bush: “Heh heh, he said “note”, and he’s just about to talk about a Negro-lovin’ folk singer, heh heh! I get that.”] that the great American folk singer (and, okay, the jury is still out on “Holly Jolly Christmas”, but the man had to eat) and actor Burl Ives, was born on this day in 1909.

Well, let HH go all “Western” on ya, pilgrim, cause that’s the theme of the followin’:



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