Saturday, July 14, 2007

In Memoriam: Khalid W. Hassan

Today is Saturday, 14 July 2007, Bastille Day!

Happy Bastille Day!

Supposed to be the theme today. Also the birthday of Woody Guthrie, 1912. A day of joy.

Of course, Midtown Tulsa, Oklahoma, where HH lives, isn’t Iraq. Sweet place to live, compared to most in the history of the world.

Earlier this hour, when police helicopters unusually circled his hood, for reasons unknown … check out Baghdad, Harlem, East LA, North Tulsa every moment as benchmarks … as Mrs. HH slept peacefully, and the pups and cat the same, HH restlessly paced the house … is there danger, and what can he do?

And news just arrived barely after midnight: another journalist is assassinated in Baghdad. Thank you, Bush-Cheney-Powell-Rove-Rice-Blair, vicious and/or indifferent fellow Americans, etc. etc. etc.

Khalid W. Hassan, only 23, of The New York Times.


The Museum of the Bourgeois extends deepest sympathies to his familiy and friends.


Anonymous Stella Dallas said...

It is very sad. We sometimes forget, in our relative safety and comfort, how dangerous the world can be to any one of us, and often is to those who risk much while seeking to inform and enlighten us.

1:09 AM  

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