Friday, July 13, 2007

Executive "privilege"

Today remains Friday the 13th 2007.

Now comes Little Georgie, who asserts “executive privilege” so former Bush hack Harriet “Not A Justice” Miers can refuse to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth before Congress, and the taxpayers who put some serious $$$ in her pockets.

Ain’t that a caution.

Strict Constructionist Alert: Nowhere in the Constitution can be found “executive privilege”.

Oh, weepy weepy boo hoo the argument goes: if the common people were given a glance at the advice given to imperial presidents, who’d want to give him advice?

Excuse me: at any moment, there would be a line stretching from here to pole to pole and back and back, of qualified people willing to crawl naked on their bellies for ten miles over broken glass, to give advice to the president, put it on their resumes, and shout it to the skies.

“Executive privilege” is a fiction invented by the first wicked George, the Washing Machine, the one who owned slaves. Sure, he turned down the idea of making himself “King of America”, but only in title: the moment he got into office, he started acting like a king, as in asserting “executive privilege”, which is the equivalent of “royal privilege”.

Let us reject the blanket of shame and iniquity, cast, for our confusion, upon the grievous misdeeds of this regime.

We must choose Goethe, who, on his deathbed, cried out, “Mehr licht! Mehr licht!” “More light! More light!”


Blogger HH said...

Mrs. HH, such a joker, said, "Didn't he say, "More Merlot, More Merlot!"

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