Saturday, July 21, 2007


Today is Saturday, 21 July 2007.

On 20 July 1969 (were one in EDT, e.g.), the first human beings land on the Moon.

As I watched the event, my joy, as an enthusiast of peaceful and scientific space exploration, was tempered by the knowledge that this event was just another imperialist, colonialist, militaristic grab for the high ground and superior power.

Whatever Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin thought they were doing, they weren’t sent there at the cost of billions of dollars “in peace for all mankind”. Just another little campaign in the Cold War against “godless Soviet materialism”. (As opposed to “godless American materialism”: Donald Trump, anyone?)

And how many months ago since George W. Bush announced, in an attempt to distract everyone from the 500,000+ and counting deaths his regime has caused in the failing Conquest of Iraq: We’re goin’ back to the Moon; we’re a-goin’ to Mars?

George should have paid attention in elementary school, high school, and college: Mars, the god of War? We arrived long ago.

Every night when the moon rises, I look wistfully to the heavens, and ponder What Might Have Been.


Anonymous Stella Dallas said...

I don't care if the moon race was a competition with the Soviets, we still made it, and it filled me with wonder and the hope of endless possibilities.

I'm not saying you're wrong, just that I can't always dwell on the negative. I need to experience some of the joy and awe.

I mean this kindly: I wish you could enjoy a little more of it yourself.

10:32 PM  
Anonymous I Agree with Stella said...

I agree with Stella Dallas. Every night that the moon rises, you ponder what might have been? What do you take joy in? You have mentioned that you are married. I hope you take joy in that; many people are not blessed with a life partner. It is also evident that you enjoy music. However, these few bright spots are over-showdowed by negativity. Few people will frequent for long a blog that is, for the most part, a downer. Think about it.

8:29 AM  
Anonymous Stella Dallas said...

Since I started these comments, perhaps I need to respond again. Yes, I think your blog can be dark and I truly meant that I wished you could enjoy more, for your own sake.

On the other hand, you say a lot of things we probably need to hear. It may be true that some will not continue to read a "downer" blog, but just so you know: I am a faithful reader and fan.

Bless you, HH.

9:06 PM  

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