Monday, August 27, 2007

Bush: Institutionalize or Imprison?

Today is Monday, 27 August 2007.

Last week, in a speech before a veterans’ group, George W. Bush, who refused to fight in Vietnam, but was all in favour of millions of others fighting a dying and dying there, made a bizarre statement.

He claimed that the “precipitous” US disengagement from Vietnam was responsible for the Khmer Rouge genocide of ca. 1.7 million Cambodians.
Let’s review.

Is he referring to the “precipitous” disengagement which took 6 years (1969-1975), which was the product of the presidency of Richard Nixon, a Republican whom he supported?

Let’s review further.

In 1954, the regime of Ike Eisenhower installed an vicious, corrupt, but incompetent civilian dictator (Diem) at the head of the South Vietnamese dictatorship. In 1963, the JFK regime authorized the assassination of Diem by a direct military dictatorship, whose various members proved also brutal, corrupt, and incompetent.

In 1969, Richard Nixon became president with the policy of “Vietnamization”, or nonprecipitous disengagement.

In the 1960s, the Royal Government of Cambodia had managed to steer reasonably clear of the Vietnam War. Sure, they had to let both the North Vietnamese and US do some combat on their soil, but nothing like the carnage in Vietnam proper. In 1970, Nixon and Kissinger got the great idea to support the overthrow of the Cambodian government and the installation of a military dictatorship friendly to the Nixon regime but … brutal, corrupt, and incompentent.

The result: by 1975, the Khmer Rouge, which had been a truly pissant, rag-tag tiny cadre of loony insurrectionists, had exploited the incompetence of the Nixon-backed dictatorship, taken over the country, and began returning Cambodia to “Year Zero”, which involved the attempt to eradicate all “Western” influences, which resulted in the murder of ca. 1.7 million human beings.

Then, in the 1980s, after the Vietnamese had invaded Cambodia and driven the KR from power, the Reagan-Bush1 regime gleefully supported the genocidals of the KR, so as to bleed the Vietnamese.

As Casey Stengel liked to say, “You could look it up”.

It was not the US withdrawal from Indochina which led to genocide. It was the US attempt to conquer and colonize Indochina which let to genocide.

Just as the Bush-Cheney attempt to conquer and colonize Iraq has led to genocide.

Is Bush sincerely psychiatrically delusional, and should therefore be institutionalized?

Or is he a cynical genocidal warlord, who should be permanently imprisoned?


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