Monday, August 06, 2007

In Memory: Hiroshima, Supplemental: "This Is the Life We Have Chosen"

Today remains Monday, 6 August 2007.

I’m thinking tonight of those six miners, trapped in a coal mine in Utah.

I’m wondering if some of the electricity which powers this computer, my lighting, my air conditioning, etc., was generated from coal from that mine.

As a character in The Godfather says, “This is the life we have chosen”.

Our energy-rich Way of Life requires the sacrifice, consumption, inconvenience, by-product, operating charge, call it as one will, of extinguished human lives.

“This is the life we have chosen”.

I can only hope that the lives we lead are worthy of those who give their lives to make our lives possible.


Anonymous My Free Will - You're Absolved said...

I say relax on the ethical dilemma front with this one HH. The causation thread that you have picked out of the tapestry, if pulled out of the tapestry would go entirely un-noticed.

The metaphor here is tapestry of life which for all of its terrible beauty is encompassed and made meaningful by death. Yes, each person's death diminishes me as each person's birth increases me.

I pray with the families that their loved ones will be returned to them safe and sound and in the alternative, I will mourn with the families in the event that their loved ones do not return in this plane.

Nonetheless, the only way to unravel our current tapestries for which we might have any willful causation would be to reset the clock and eschew the metaphor of original sin.

However, just in case, keep a weather eye out for meteors.

Lighten up dude!

10:02 PM  
Anonymous NET said...

I agree with the above comment. Through six-degrees of separation, or whatever number of degrees you'd like to choose, we are all tied to some tragedy or ongoing injustice or degenerative situation for which we could fault in ourselves. However, that would surely drive us into unfathomable levels of undeserved guilt and sorrow.

Have good and right and just actions and thoughts that are within your reach, and encourage good in others also within your reach. Mortal man cannot hold the weight of the whole world alone.

8:08 AM  

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