Tuesday, February 12, 2008

In Memory: Tom Lantos

Today is Tuesday, 12 February 2008.

The Museum of the Bourgeois sadly notes the death, at age 80 of cancer, of The Hon. Tom Santos, D-CA, the only Holocaust survivor to have surved in Congress, and a tireless champion of human rights.

I cannot improve upon the obituary in today's The New York Times, so I will cite it:


The Museum of the Bourgeois extends its profound sympathy to the family and friends of this brave, gracious, extraordinary person.

On the good days, one recalls a reason to be proud to be human.

All honour.


Anonymous NET said...

HH wrote, "On the good days, one recalls a reason to be proud to be human." Taken literally, this is a sad, unhopeful, and frankly, short-sighted view. You may feel you need to say this as homage to Mr. Lantos, but it is such a downer.

You may think that on any given day to there is nothing good in the world. You would be wrong. As bad as the headlines appear on any one day, there is plenty that is good and noble also happening that does not get the press.

Stay aware and sensitive to the good, too. Else, we can easily be dragged into misguided dispair.

5:45 PM  
Blogger HH said...


Well, as the other W. might have said, what you have said, was, Miss Exactly, Right On, which is what I had meant to say, so perfectetly, but i didnt know how to put it down.

i got a truck here. anyone get dragged into misguided despiar, the MoB got a ToW, and we gonna do the plenty that is noble and good.

thank you, NET, for steering us onto the right, er, left, it being the MoB, road.

7:13 PM  

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