Sunday, April 20, 2008

Good Riddance

Today is Sunday, 20 April 2008.

For decades, the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church knew of the magnitude of child rapers in the clergy. (I’m not singling out that sect; a similar situation has existed in almost all religious sects for centuries. I have equal contempt for all who commit crimes and steal under the guise of “spirituality”, regardless of the brand name.)

In all of these sects, the leadership almost always chose to protect the child rapers and conceal the crimes.

One must, of course, at all costs, protect the brand and the cash flow. (Oh, and, yes, the sanctity and salvation factor also.) (I originally, in a mental “slip” [?] wrote “slave-ation”.)

No different from any other social organization.

Joseph Alois Ratzinger, A.K.A. “Pope Benedict XVI”, e. g., protects to this day (among others), in the failed state of Vatican City, Bernard Law, former “Cardinal” of Boston, one of many bishops who knowingly allowed child-raping clergy to be moved to new venues of opportunity, so as to avoid “public scandal”.

Given the longevity of Ranzinger’s position and power in his sect, it is unimaginable that he (and his predecessor K. Jozef Wojtyla, A.K.A. “John Paul II”) knew nothing of the child-raping and the cover-up. Obviously, they knew and endorsed.

At a later date, I will discuss how Ratzinger, Pat Robertson, etc. wish to enslave women in regard to choice.

As I write this, at 6.42 P.M. (CDT), Ratzinger is scheduled to go “wheels up”, pampered in his luxury jet, departing from JFK Airport in New York City at 8.00 P.M. (EDT).

Good riddance to bad rubbish.


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