Sunday, May 25, 2008

"W"'s Leg Up

Today is Saturday, 24 May 2008.

Cluster bombs, which are air-delivered (planes or artillery) anti-personnel munitions (bomblets), are designed to be seeded over large areas. Drive over one, get a flat tire. Step on one, lose your leg. As do landmines, cluster bombs remain viable for years, and maim or kill more civilians than they do combatants.

The Bush-Cheney crime family is currently attempting to scuttle a treaty which would ban these devilish devices, which are an obvious criminal violation of the laws of war, which ban weapons which are unable to discriminate between combatants and civilians.

I would suggest writing in protest to the Butcher of Crawford, but an epistle would be futile, since he is worse than conscienceless. Like all sociopathic personalities, W actually enjoys his work.

For more information:

1883 - My favourite, the Brooklyn Bridge, opened to traffic

Happy 125th birthday, BB!

How many times I stood outside the Staten Island Ferry Terminal at South Ferry, Manhattan, waiting for the ferry, smoking a cig, looking up the East River at the Brooklyn Bridge.


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