Saturday, July 12, 2008

In Memory: Thoreau

Today is Saturday, 12 July 2008.

On this date in 1817, was born Henry David Thoreau.

Herewith, in his honour, Bach:

And, The First Movement of the Third Brandenburg Concerto of Bach:

In the last year of the Carter Administration, I heard the Second Brandenburg at a Lutheran Church in Evanston, Illinois, the noble sounds echoing so richly off the stone (this is the First Movement):

And, since it's a dark and stormy night here on the Southern Great Plains, thunder and lightning all about, let's go with the Los Angeles Guitar Quartet's "Pachelbel's "Loose" Canon", a version of one of my favs:

And here's a fav, George Winston, whom I heard during the Second Reagan Administration, playing a midnight concert at Lincoln Center, playing another fav, his "Variations Upon 'Canon'":

Follow the threads among these songs, right to the end of night, and we wrap with Joni Mitchell, "River":


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