Friday, August 08, 2008

No Olympics

Today is Friday, 8 August 2008.

8-8-08, as some would have it.

Debut of the 2008 Olympics.

In China, where hundreds of millions of peasants live in poverty, while their capitalist masters squander tens of billions on sports entertainment.

Herewith, another, similar, Olympics (1984 in LA is equivalent, however less photogenic), but the India thing at the end is regrettable nationalist racism.

Bless Jesse Owens.


Were I in China, I could not have posted this column, as many cyberdissidents have been detained, and the secret police would be sniffing down your trail, dear Reader.

Nationalism is racism, "my Friends", as John McHate would say.


The Museum of the Bourgeois, while denouncing the dictatorship of Georgia (the one next door to Russia, not Alabama), denounces the war Putin dictatorship Russia has launched this date against Georgia.

Of course, this protest is futile, "a dying call", however, one must bear witness.


Anonymous imperfect reader said...

I thought the Jesse Owens film, including the end, was inspirational. Feeling proud of your countrymen and encouraged by their deeds can be a positive thing. Would it be even better "without borders"? Probably; but I don't think all pride in one's country equals racism.

Didn't you ever route for your school at a football game, or feel proud because a person from your state was a star at the Metropolitan Opera?

I agree that the situation in China is appalling, but somehow I don't think you would be tuning in to the Olympic coverage if it were in Canada, HH. If watching a diver perform amazing feats gives me a little lift after a hard week in a sad and stressful world, then I may just be tuned in to NBC this weekend.

1:06 PM  

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