Monday, July 28, 2008

World War One

Today is 28 July 2008.

Happy 94th anniversary of Austria-Hungary declaring war on Serbia, and beginning World War One !!!

A few days ago, "Hari" [obviously "Seldon"] made ref to H. Hesse, Das Glasperlenspiel.

[H. Hesse may have ref to HH.]

From Theodore Ziolkowski's forward to that novel:

"[Das Glasperlenspiel] [The Glass Bead Game] is an act of mental synthesis through which the spritual values of all ages are perceived as simulteanously present and vitally alive."

The Museum of the Bourgeois hates everything Robert Novak stands for, but we hate even more the news he has a brain tumor.

I've been reading his crap columns since it was Evans and Novak in 1963, however ... I would wish this on no one.

Here's to Novak:

And also, let's not forget:


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