Friday, October 17, 2008

McMisogynist 2

Today is Friday, 17 October 2008.

Of course, McCain comes by his hatred of women honestly.

McCain grew up (to the extent that he has grown up) socialized in a phallo-centric nation. He was socialized in one of the most chauvinistic situations: the officer corps of the US Navy, which has always preened itself as the most elite of the military branches, and the most “manly”.

Never forget that McCain is no “Outsider” or “Maverick”: he was born into the Washington elite, as the son and grandson of 4-star admirals. He knew from an early age that the blood of command and dissipation, caprice and cruelty flowed in his veins. To be Supreme Leader is his birthright. His blood all but visibly boils when in the presence of Obama, who would steal the Grand Prize from this Prince of the Blood: McCain remembers when those of the colour of “that one” were fit only to wait the tables of naval officers.

So it is fitting that McCain picks on an unqualified female to fill the bottom of the ticket on which he is the top. She might lure some votes. She has unlimited ambitions, and will therefore be willing to humiliate herself by smearing Obama in any way possible.

McCain knows how to put ‘em in their place. An example. When he decides to abandon all attempts to win in Michigan (now John, seriously boy, isn’t early withdrawal a tad pole unmanly?), he lets Palin find out through the newspaper.

McCain could have made the decent ethical choice to reject his phallo-centric socialization.

McCain refused.

McCain is committed to degrading and enslaving women.

Seen the bumper sticker?

McCain: "Health of the mother? That's an extreme pro-abortion thing."


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