Monday, March 09, 2009

International Women's Day!

Today is Sunday, 8 March 2009.

Since the last column, the HH household played host to family guests, and, immediately after their departure, to a ferocious and tenacious virus of unknown origin which left us sick as, well, dogs (fortunately the canine and feline members were immune, and did a fine job of nursing). This is the first day I’ve felt like writing.

The first International Women’s Day was celebrated on 28 February 1909, responding to a call by the Socialist Party of America. In 1913, on World War One’s eve, a series of peace rallies and marches were led by women in many European countries, and IWD began to be celebrated on 8 March. It was proclaimed as an official global holiday by the United Nations in 1975.

As we liked to say in the Sixties: Women hold up half the sky! (At least!)


Anonymous La_Libertine said...

Welcome back, HH! Sorry to hear you've been ill.
My grandmothers were Suffragettes (and Flappers!). All things considered, I think they'd be happy with the progress that's been made over the years - but UNhappy with those that would like us to take several steps back (usually religious extremists.)
Well, cheers to my sisters, and to the men who know & love them -
from one who has carried the Sky :)

3:22 PM  
Anonymous Hari said...

Glad both Mr. and Mrs. HH are doing better.

11:15 AM  
Blogger HH said...

Thanks for your very kind concern.

12:35 PM  

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