Saturday, July 18, 2009

Happy Birthday, Fry in Hell

Today is Friday, 17 July 2009.

In understanding the situation in Iran, it’s instructive to recall 16th century England.

As conflict within and between kingdoms increased, and physical and social technologies of warfare changed, kings and princes required additional revenues. Henry VIII partially solved his problem by dissolving the monasteries and confiscating their assets.

In 1963, the Shah of Iran launched his “White Revolution”, ostensibly to put land ownership into the hands of farmers and democratize Iranian society. The Shah-na-na therefore confiscated much land owned by mosques (effectively by clergy) and reduced the role of clergy in rural life. (Most of the land ended up in the pockets of the Shah, often used to bribe and reward his cronies.) It was primarily this threat to relative wealth and power which sparked the clerical rebellion which finally, in 1979, would result in collapse of the Pahlavi regime and institution of a theocratic dictatorship under Supreme Leader Ruhollah Khomeini, succeeded by current Fuhrer Ali Hoseyni Khamene’i. The latter turns 70 today, although some sources list his birthdate as 15 July. We’ll go with today, since it’s also the anniversary in 1936 of the Fascist military coup in Spain.

Given the motivation of the Iranian Muslim clergy, it’s hardly surprising that, from the get-go, the theocratic dictatorship was at least as thieving, corrupt, and murderous as its predecessor.

Herewith, the birthday wishes of the Museum of the Bourgeois to Khamene’i: may you and your gangster friends soon be overthrown and imprisoned forever.

Today’s Fun Tip! Check out Vampire King Khamene’i’s website at .

Marvel at the Soviet-style slogan: “Towards Revising Consumption Pattern”. (Point to ponder: given that many educated Iranians speak and write English better than many Americans, why does the site sound as if it were translated by Borat?) Submit a question on Sharia law. Send the bloodsucker an e-mail. Note: don’t use your regular e-mail account; the prick has a nasty secret police. Use a free account from Hotmail, etc., and a cool username. I chose “MeHeartFloggingMullahs24/7/365”.


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