Thursday, September 10, 2009

Admit It Ain't So, Joe

Today remains Thursday, 10 September 2009.

Obviously, Rep. “Joe” Wilson (R – SC), the poltroon who last night shouted “You lie!” at President Obama, could use some advice.

If you’re an elected public employee attending a Presidential Address to a Joint Session of Congress, meth is dessert, not an appetizer.

It’s not that I object to shouting at Presidents in certain instances. The President is not a monarch, but an employee of the citizens. The Legislative and Executive branches would each benefit from the free-wheeling ways of the Mother of Parliaments in London, where witty, pithy, and penetrating comments, taunts, and insults are regularly hurled at the Prime Minister and other speakers. If adopted here, the custom in the Republic of Korea, fisticuffs, might prove salutary.

One ground rule: tell the truth. The Democratic Party proposals for health care reform do not mandate coverage of “illegal” immigrants, as Wilson and other craven miscreants allege.

Mr. Wilson: You lie. Go to hell. Swiftboatly.

Note: “Joe” is an alias. The birth and legal name is “Addison Graves Wilson, Sr.” Mayhap he thought the latter was excessively “Thurston J. Howell III” for South Carolina Republican politics. Wilson would have done better to have chosen, instead of the plebian and plumberesque “Joe”, something more belligerent and manly, such as “Biff”, “Dick”, or “Deadeye”.

Note: A. G. Wilson, Sr. is a former aide to the late white supremacist racist senator of ill repute, Strom Thurmond.

Note: Obama should have said, “That boy has got his sheet together!”


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