Monday, January 04, 2010

Five Jazz Pieces

Today is Monday, 4 January 2009.

Lazard Goldblum is the later father of one of my dearest friends from New York City, like her father a born New Orleanian.

Lazard was one of those people whom you knew exactly who he was almost from the moment you met him, and you liked the person you met. Cultivated, not merely educated, witty, generous to a fault, and a lover of all New Orleans. At the funeral, his family distributed CDs with five of his favourite jazz pieces, the five I played.

I thought of him because we’re undergoing the last days of our senior dog, Lyntl. She’s 14.5 years, quite old for a Weimaraner, and her magnificent heart is wearing out. As the doctor told us, “When her heart finally fails, she could be on the operating table, and there would be nothing we could do”. Fortunately, she has had no pain, and the quality of her life has not been degraded. Prognosis is two to three months.

Lyntl is always loving, always wanting to exchange affection, and wants nothing more than to be with those she loves, and, of course, to dine.

When I consider that people such as Nixon, Cheney, Bush, Putin, etc., and those who support them, share this planet with beings such as Lazard and Lyntl, I’m again ashamed of the human species.


Anonymous dog lover said...

You always manage to force a connection from a non-associated topic to your hatred of anyone that is a fraction of an inch past left. You take your (purported) sadness of the end-of-life of your dog and make it into a these-guys-are-not-fit-to-breath-air diatribe. Shame on you.

Also, dogs are dear, but they are not people. No, really, they aren't. I love dogs, too, but sometimes it gets creepy how they can be elevated. In your case, HH, you elevate them above half the population of the United States. You are entitled to your opinion, but you need to keep it real - please.

1:15 PM  
Anonymous La_Libertine said...

"Keep it real" - keep WHAT "real"?
This is real: MoB is HH's to write anything he damn well pleases, and you, dog "lover", are perfectly free to NOT read it if it pains you so - please. Blogs exist for bloggers to express themselves freely, not to please everyone who reads them - or ANYone who reads them, for that matter.
And yah, I've known a lot of non-humans who are better people than half the population. Give Lyntl a kiss for me, HH...

11:54 PM  
Anonymous dog lover said...

Hey La Libertine -

Yes, HH does have the right to write anything he damn well pleases. However, he encourages opinions from his readers that are either pro, con, or neutral to his comments. My comments were pointing out that his relational path was flawed.

It does not pain me to read HH's blog. I am a friend and read it in support.

Oh - and, you know half the population in order to be able to compare them to one non-human? You sure do get around.

Have a nice day.

8:26 AM  
Anonymous La_Libertine said...

People like you make life fun, Ms./Mr./whatever "dog lover". And I mean that. I hope you have a nice day too, and I hope to joust a bit in the future with you here in good HH's place.

Pour us all a round, barkeep!

7:17 PM  
Anonymous La_Libertine said...

p.s. What I started out to say before I got all het up was: Thanks for the uber-cool jazz clips - Mr. Goldblum sounds like a soul to celebrate in a joyful way. As is your dear Lyntl. (And I still think the infamous on your list unfit to breathe the same air as L human & L canine, heh.)

Now I'm off to dive into a tiff about Sea Shepherd putting whale life before human life! Splash!

8:48 PM  

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