Saturday, March 27, 2010

Ratzinger the Rapist 2

Today remains Saturday, 27 March 2010.

Some may question my use of “encouraged” in the previous post.

I consider the chance that Ratzinger didn’t know about the rapes as equal to the chance that Hitler didn’t know about the Holocaust: absolute zero. Ratzinger knew, that if he returned the wolves among the sheep, he would give the rapists an opportunity they would take to continue raping. If that isn’t encouragement, nothing is.

The evil and guilt of Ratzinger is actually greater than that of the rapists. Pedophilia is something essentially beyond the control of the pedophile, being psychological or genetic in origin.

Ratzinger probably didn’t personally rape anyone. Ratzinger made a viciously coldblooded choice to betray his holy vow to protect the innocents, in order to protect the brand, and his own squalid position of wealth and power.


Anonymous an additional thought said...

In Ratziner's view, "protecting the brand" trumped all other issues. He knew there were choices to be made. In his view, the continuance of the "brand" (earthly) was priority above all else. He neglected to consider the everlasting condition of the souls of all involved (eternal). His downfall was due to simply being human and making a flawed choice.

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