Monday, April 05, 2010

Hit the Road Jack

Today is Monday, 5 April 2010.

Good riddance to bad rubbish: Jack Bauer and 24 are soon to be history. And, for the sake of all concerned, not a moment too soon.

Does Kiefer Sutherland consider the pile of cash he “earned” popularizing and “legitimating” torture and other criminal acts as anything other than blood money? Is he proud of making a post-SS violence-porn “classic”?

I think the fact that K. Sutherland made this trash answers the questions.

On a related note.

A Federal court judge recently ruled against the warrantless wire taps of the Bush-Cheney regime, the ones which by law required FISA warrants. Obama ordered taxpayer-funded government lawyers to defend the Bush-Cheney criminality. I can’t imagine any reason Obama would desire the option of recourse to the same lawlessness, unless he shares the Bush-Cheney-Nixon-Reagan appetite for limitless Presidential power, disguising it under the old chestnut of "protecting Presidential prerogative".

Do the right thing, Obama: no appeal.

On this date in 1992, Serbian neo-fascists assassinated the first 2 of some 10,000 who would be murdered in the Siege of Sarajevo, which ended on 29 February 1996. The siege was carried out by gunmen from the “Republika Srpska” and the Yugoslav People’s Army, who committed numerous atrocities during the Bosnian War.

Herewith, a response to comments 3, 4, and 5.

Whew! Curiouser and Curiouser, as it were. Perhaps you’re actually a split personality?

As to the acting part, I find a smart-ass, wink-and-nod element in the work of Willis, which I enjoy, which I don’t find in Sutherland’s work. I am, by the way, a big fan of the former’s Last Man Standing (1996; directed by Walter Hill).

I also find Sutherland’s work far too limited and repetitive, as I do Kate Hepburn’s: they seem to me only able to play themselves. But this may simply be the subjective judgment of a fellow thespian.

I don’t view 24 as true because it’s a TV show. On the contrary, that it’s a TV show makes it more likely to be untrue. I object to pro-torture and pro-crime propaganda being insidiously broadcast in the guise of entertainment.


Anonymous Murfyn said...

"I'm just an entertainer" is what he would say.
I can't quite put it into words, but there is a similarity between junk on TV (in the name of profit) and polluting to the extent the law allows (as a fiduciary duty to maximize investor return).

11:27 AM  
Blogger HH said...

He might also say: "I was only following orders".

And you've put it into words I wish I had. The obscenity that it could be construed to be a positive fiduciary duty to harm the environment in the name of maximizing investor return ... exactly why the strictest regulation of the profit motive is needed in many, many cases.


11:42 AM  
Anonymous Just Curious said...

How is Kiefer Sutherland's work in 24 different than Bruce Willis in the Die Hard movies? (I seem to recall you admire Willis's work as an actor.)

12:01 PM  
Anonymous just curious, also said...

You should be happy Jack Bauer and the show 24 will be ending. Be gleeful about that - look on the bright side (as seen from your side.) It's someone's version of fiction. Get over it. Being on television does not mean it is true, although you view it as such. What if someone protested against the Charlie Brown Christmas Special each year because it advocates Christianity? Loosen up HH. Sutherland is an actor and he plays a (to you) distasteful character. Most dramas have a "villan." In your view, Bauer is the villan in 24. Again, that is from your side of the fence.

1:06 PM  
Anonymous just curious, also also said...

Note: "Just curious, also" is a different person than "Just Curious." Wanted to clear that up.

I have not met "Just Courious", that I know of.

1:09 PM  

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