Friday, April 16, 2010

Tom Coburn's Social Diseases

Today is Friday, 16 April 2010.

Yesterday, Obama signed into law an extension of unemployment benefits, over the strenuous objections of Senator Tom Coburn (Sex-Crazed, Christ-Hating Republican - OK), who longed to snatch food from the mouths of babes and spend the money killing civilians in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Mucho macho Tom is no bleeding-hearted, do-gooding, “More gruel, sir?” liberal.

Anywho, thinking of Tom Coburn naturally led to thinking about social diseases.

Now, when most folks think of social diseases, they think of the likes of gonorrhea.

But there are social diseases that are rife in the cesspools of many so-called “conservative”, “Bible-believing” “churches”. I’m speaking of patriarchal fascism and homophobia.

Patriarchal fascism is the lie that females are inherently and necessarily inferior to males. Patriarchal fascism results in the familiar “Christian Family” hierarchy scheme: command in families flows from God to the male to the children to dogs and cats to fish, birds, lizards, and gerbils. The female is at the end of a dotted line extending from the male, indicating she is mere staff/support personnel, with no right of command.

In the United Kingdom, where they speak actual English, this attitude is known as “willie-waving”.

Patriarchal fascism results in rape, other violence against women, lower wages, etc.

Homophobia is the hatred of lesbians and gay males. It’s particularly pandemic among allegedly hetero-males who believe it’s very macho to whip it out and put it on display to other males in public urinals. This type also frequently enjoys watching sweaty, steroidally-enhanced, nearly-nude males groping one another in the sex entertainment known as professional wrestling, male poledancing, or closeted homoeroticism.

Homophobia results in violence against lesbians and gay males, discrimination, etc.

May soon dawn the day when deviants such as Coburn zip it back in their pants and shut the hell up with preaching perversion!

On this date in 1947, in a speech in South Carolina, Bernard Baruch used the term “cold war”. His speechwriter, Herbert Bayard Swope, pilfered the phrase from George Orwell, who coined it in an essay in October 1945. Later in 1947, Walter Lippman popularized the phrase in a book, Cold War.


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