Sunday, April 11, 2010

The New "Intolerance"

Today is Sunday, 11 April 2010.

You will recall … a rhetorical device … the Republican governor of Virginia, Robert F. McDonnell, and his Confederate-worshipping proclamation which conveniently forgot that the Civil War was about slavery.

“Well”, as Jack Benny said …

The only good thing I can say about Patrick Buchanan is: he’s master of The Limbo – How Low Can He Go.

“Slavery was not the cause of this [the Civil] war. Secession was – that and Lincoln’s determination to drown the nation in blood if necessary to make the Union whole again”.

This from his sad excuse for a column, logically incoherent, published yesterday in the Tulsa World, under the title, “The new intolerance for the South”.

[Which, mirabile dictu, is about intolerance for … honkies!]

“Secession was –“ What? The happenin’ thing? Flavour of the Day? “It feels good – let’s do it”?

“Secession was” an attempt to ensure that slavery … and let’s stop the presses here and hit the nail on the head one more time, in case you’re Just Tuning In … slavery was, is, and always will be mass theft, mass rape, mass murder … “Secession was” an attempt to ensure that slavery at the South should be eternal: eternal theft, eternal rape, eternal mass murder.

Slavery was the cause of Secession, and thus of the Civil War.

Bu-cannon claims that “Virginia seceded rather than provide soldiers or militia to participate in a war on their brethren”. Their brethren being Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, and Texas. (That is, racist white brethren.) Their brethren not being the other states of the United States of America.

Bu-cannon, who never served in the military, being 4-F due to “reactive arthritis”, and so is sort of a poop-out as a cannon, begins his whole pathetic “argument” with a quote:

“This was a recognition of American terrorists”.

“That is CNN's Roland Martin's”…

And yes, Martin is what Bu-cannon would call “colored”.

“…summary judgment of the 258,000 men and boys who fell fighting for the Confederacy in a war that cost as many American lives as World Wars I and II, Korea, Vietnam and Iraq combined.”

Which means defending mass theft, mass rape, and mass murder, and which is relevant and advances your “argument” how? (The more sympathetic and humane are sad those men and boys died, not in vain, but for vile.)

And many Southern white women died also, but, hey, why count the bitches?

“Martin reflects the hysteria”

…you know, that “female complaint”, which is why the bitches don’t count.

… “that seized Obamaville”

… located in triangular equidistance from Hooterville and Our Town

… “on hearing that Gov. Bob McDonnell had declared Confederate History Month in the Old Dominion. Virginia leads the nation in Civil War battlefields”.

…Yes, “Virginia is for lovers”. And slavery re-enactors. But those pesky darkies … so damn hard to get them to join in. And it’s sorta like boasting: “Germany leads the world in Nazi battlefields”. Niche products, definitely.

“So loud was the howling”

Not an Old Yeller ref. More likely the dogs used to hunt escaped slaves. Or the fact that white racists often refer to Blacks as “dogs”.

“that in 24 hours McDonnell had backpedaled and issued an apology that he had not mentioned slavery.”

Then Bu-cannon rambles about The Great Terrorist, General William Tecumseh Sherman, who not only annoyed Scarlett O’Hara and spoiled her dinner party plans, o fiddle dee-dee, but burned Atlanta, etc.

(EVERYONE knows Sherman was really a Black Muslim, setting in train the events which led to 9-11.]

Bu-cannon is really agitated … wait, that’s what Coloreds become, when influenced by outside Commies …gets his innards in an uproar because the organization which asked for the McDonnell proclamation was the Sons of Confederate Veterans, who’ve been vilified and ungiven a fair shake in this.

[Why am I not surprised that Patsy is a card-carrying member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans?]

“Because they are Southern white Christian men — none of whom defends slavery, but all of whom are defiantly proud of the South, its ancient faith and their forefathers who fell in the Lost Cause.”

And this “ancient faith” would be … theft-rape-murder? TRM?

Reminds me of Wichita, Kansas, and “BTK” – Bind-Torture-Kill.

And here’s the final paragraph, the Hit-It-Outta-the-Park Not:

“Consider closely this latest skirmish in a culture war”

Sorry, Patsy, the judges have ruled: neither BTK nor Theft-Rape-Murder qualifies as a culture, unless Pat’s thinking of the kind one finds in a petri dish at the Centers for Disease Control, growing increasingly resistant to antibiotics.

“that may yet make an end to any idea of nationhood,”

Disqualifying buzzer sounds: incomprehensible phrase.

“and you will see whence the real hate is coming. It is not from Gov. McDonnell or the Sons of Confederate Veterans.”

The Immoral of the Story.

Hate is from n-----s, Bu-cannonized males are from Mars.



Kurt Vonnegut died on this date in 2007.

Primo Levi died on this date in 1987.

“So it goes”.

Today is Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Appropriate, since Pat Buchanan is a long-time anti-Semite.


Anonymous A Reader said...

I got really lost reading this post. It jerked and jumped around between eras. A lot of thoughts were interrupted to bring in other thoughts, and then it was difficult to get back to the original thought/point. And there was way too much sarcasm. Some of us who are not as learned as you don't recognize some of your phrasing AS sarcasm. Niether do we understand the meaning of obscure phrases, be they in English or a foreign language.

Readability is a key to reading and understanding.

8:56 AM  

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