Sunday, May 09, 2010

Sauce for the Goose

Today is Sunday, 9 May 2010.

All the usual defects …er, suspects … are mouth-frothing and demanding legislation to abrogate Miranda in the instance of alleged terrorist suspects, so that the latter may be questioned indefinitely without being reminded of their Constitutional rights to remain silent, retain counsel, etc.

Now, most of the public frothers are lawyers, and know damn well about the “public safety exception”, the so-called “ticking time bomb rule”. In brief: if detaining authorities sincerely have good reason to believe that a suspect is an imminent danger to society, Mirandizing may be delayed.

Are the frothers merely professional fear mongers, willing to mislead the public for a few minutes of exposing themselves on TV? Or do they have a larger agenda, that of twisting the law to diminish, or, if possible, exterminate the Constitutional rights of all accused, so that all are guilty until they prove themselves innocent?

I suspect the latter: the coulters of this world always secretly imagine themselves the next Kim Jong Il.

And ask yourself: would I be so quick to diminish Constitutional rights, were I the unconvicted accused?


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