Thursday, June 24, 2010

Break McChrystal's Balls

Today is Thursday, 24 June 2010.

Gen. Stanley Allen McChrystal wasn’t fired: he separated himself from the USA/USE military when he chose to be grossly insubordinate outside the chain of command.

Most of McChrystal’s remarks, and those of aides he encouraged to “over-share”, weren’t even militarily pertinent, but just personally-insulting trash talk stinking of an adolescent male locker room. I’m surprised Allen Arsehat didn’t whip it out, wave it around, and invite the reporter to measure it.

Irrespective of the job McChrystal had done in Afghanistan to this point, he demonstrated such poor judgment that it would have been criminal to leave him in command. He wasn’t a 16-year-old in his first day of Junior ROTC: he was a career officer who knew the rules and had a pattern of ignoring them. If one dissents from policy, one makes that known through the chain of command. If one believes that isn’t enough, one resigns and opposes as a civilian. This ego-freak obviously felt he was entitled to both have-and-eat-cake.

McChrystal should have been cashiered when he was involved in the cover-up of the friendly-fire killing of Pat Tillman. He should be stripped of his rank and pension and cast into the streets to fend for himself, where I’ve no doubt he could swiftly make a pretty penny by marketing himself as The Cracker Hero Who Stood Up to the Big Black Buck.

Good riddance to bad rubbish.


Anonymous Lysander Spooner said...

Interesting. Here's my contribution to the McChrystal file:

God Bless America.

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