Monday, June 21, 2010

World Refugee Day

Today is Sunday, 20 June 2010.

As voted by the United Nations, today is World Refugee Day.

In addition to the tens of millions of human refugees, there are hundreds of millions of new refugees in the Gulf of Mexico: ocean-dwelling and ocean-dependent animals such as fish, waterfowl, sea turtles, porpoises, etc., being driven from their normal habitats by the Great Republican and BP Oil Spill. Many of them will die, and the ecology of the Gulf will be severely damaged for decades.

It’s worth noting that, during the past three years, under the criminally-relaxed deregulation fostered by the Republican Party, almost 800 citations have been issued for “egregious and willful violations” of safety standards by 55 oil refineries in the continental USA/USE. Of those citations, 97% were issued to 2 refineries, both owned by … BP.

In a capitalist society, the true product sought by every business is profits, not oil, soap, potatoes, cars, etc. In the absence of sufficient regulation, businesses are encouraged to damage, often fatally, ecology, social structure, human beings, and animals, in the pursuit of ever-increasing profits.

So, if you want to sacrifice humanity and the planet on the altar of Mammon, vote Republican. But remember: the throat you slit may be your own.


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