Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sympathy for the Devil?

Today is Wednesday, 22 September 2010.

Due to an ISP upgrade snafu, my presence on the Interweb has been interrupted. I'm back.

So. Christine O'Donnell, who claims to be an ultra-orthodox, far-right-wing "Christian", now refuses to speak again during the campaign to "national media" - she's just too darn busy dining at local picnics.

Did the Devil make her do it?

Not trying to be funny, exactly. Just that I've known plenty of far-right-wing "Christians" who believe in an actual Satan, so I'm trying to see this from their/her perspective.

O'Donnell states she "dabbled" in witchcraft. According to the ethos she claims, there is no "dabble". It's like pregnancy: yes or no. So, if she "dabbled", she was a witch, and therefore a worshipper and servant of Satan.

Many who profess to believe in Satan believe that such worship is both spiritual and carnal: witches have actual sex with demons and Satan. Sadly, I'm not making this up: plenty of "our fellow Americans" believe this crap. (And that demons cause heart disease, cancer, etc.)

So, from the perspective of many far-right-wing Christians, why should they believe O'Donnell, Satan's sex slave, when she claims to be Born Again?

Because she is a pusher/dealer for the kind of vicious, simplistic political "solutions" many of them embrace?

Politics does make strange bedfellows.


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