Saturday, September 18, 2010

Teabaggery Anatomy

Today is Friday, 17 September 2010.

Billed as a “Republican strategist”, Delaware Teabagger/GOP Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell said, on Bill O’Heilly’s Fox show, in November 2007: "If we approach this complicated bioethic [sic] issue [cloning] with our heads in the sand, the other end is in the air. American scientific companies are cross-breeding humans and animals and coming up with mice with fully functioning human brains."

So that’s who moved my cheese.

(Word: O’Donnell may be a New Jersey performance artist who dropped one-too-many tabs of bad acid, and hasn’t realized her show was cancelled.)

The Teabaggery Party represents the attempt to return to a womb, an Eden, which never existed.

Sorta like where “all the men are strong, all the women are good looking, and all the children are above average”, but on steroids. Where the government does only everything you want done for you, either at no cost or on someone else’s dime, and nothin’ for nobody else. Where you’re the (well-deserved) center of attention of the Universe, and the darlin’ of the Divine rodeo.

Persons who demand and embrace such childish fantasies frequently become frustrated and full of hate, ripe for manipulation and primed for violence, when their appetites are denied. They are adults who’ve retreated into a disturbed inner pseudo-“child”, looking for someone on whom to take it all out.

Yes, as I noted recently, these are people who are “made stupid by the impact of overwhelming power”. However, must not people take responsibility, at some point? White people in the USA/USE, who make up the overwhelming majority of Teabaggers, most of whom have very nice lives, thank you very much, compared to most of the people in the world, ought not they, impacted though they are by capitalist propaganda and socialization, take some degree of responsibility? Instead of blaming The Jew, The Black, The Mexican, The Muslim, etc., blaming The System that’s given them such a relatively fine life, compared to others?

Ah. At some level, deny it though they will, most of such people know the score, that their misfortunes are caused, not by The Other, but by The System, which has bought them off. Victims become victimizers. They fear the demise of the gravy train. The System is, by their embrace of it, themselves. “We have met the enemy, and he is us.” They refuse to admit that they are the agents of their own misfortune.

They think too little: “such men are dangerous”.


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