Thursday, January 20, 2011

More Republican Hypocrisy

Today is Thursday, 20 January 2011.

Of the House Republicans who voted to repeal the Obama healthcare overhaul, and thus deny offering affordable healthcare to more than 32 million of their fellow citizens, 97% continue to live it up on taxpayer-subsidized health insurance, or what they condemn as “socialized medicine”.

(The 97% include career politician John Sullivan, representing my district. Sullivan earlier distinguished himself when he sought treatment for a recurring alcohol problem: programs in Oklahoma weren’t good enough for the likes of him – Sullivan wanted taxpayers to pay for him to mingle with the stars at the Betty Ford Center.)

It’s fitting that this monumental act of hypocrisy and moral corruption occurred yesterday, one day before today’s tenth anniversary of the “inauguration” of the unelected W. Bush/Cheney team, who brought levels of hypocrisy and moral corruption which equaled those of the Nixon and Reagan regimes.

Con-servatives dote on damning their opponents as “elitists”. Sordid actions such as this demonstrate who are the actual elites.


Anonymous wondering said...

String 'em up by their balls or ants and honey?

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